Strike Industries Releases Gen 4 Glock Magwell

Strike Industries furthers its submission into the firearms upgrade world with the new Gen 4 Glock Magwell. If you aren’t exactly sure what a magwell is, take the time to read the next sentence. A magwell attaches to the bottom of your grip and extends the bottom a bit. The resulting funnel makes reloading a little faster. It gives you more leeway and allows you to mess up here and there without completely fumbling the reload.

Gen 4 Glock Magwell, installed - Strike Industries.

Is the Gen 4 Glock Magwell Concealable?

Typically, a magwell is a part added to handguns for competition shooters. They are often massive and a bit obnoxious for duty guns, and even more so when it comes to concealed carry handguns. The Strike Industries Gen 4 Glock Magwell is a bit different, though. It’s more discrete and compact but aims to provide the end-user a quicker overall reload. This sweet little magwell will make you suck a little less, and won’t make your gun tough to carry or effectively conceal.

I like people mistaking my gun for a blessed endowment as much as the next guy, but the pistol grip ain’t exactly the portion I want people starring at. The Gen 4 Glock magwell is slim and sleek and aligns with the factory grip well. It looks like a natural extension o the gun’s grip and gives you a slight edge when it comes to loading. What’s not to love?

Gen 4 Glock magwell parts, Strike Industries.

On top of all that, the Gen 4 Magwell has simple drop-in installation. Any mouth-breathing, machine-wielding grunt can do it. If you can’t, your problems go beyond a Glock magwell.

Strike Industries: Read more about ’em!

Strike Industries makes so much stuff. Piles of it for every major weapon platform on the planet. Or so it seems. I mean if I want gear for my AR, my Benelli M4, or my Glock, I can go to Strike Industries.

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