Gilliland & the New A-TACS Camo

We have been stalking Jim Gilliland's wife hanging out with Jim for quite a while now and were happy as hell to hear he'd been asked to act as a Brand Ambassador for A-TACS camouflage. When Fernando (Mi conejo es en fuego!) told us they'd done some video over at Pantaeo featuring our boy Jim we figgered we oughta go ahead and share it.

We'd already talked to Phil Duke and Steve Hanks of A-TACS about the new LE-centric camo and honestly we kind of like it. Is it going to turn your average SWAT team invisible and make them mighty? No, and they're under no illusions about that. It does provide a distinct and forbidding pattern, however, something that will add at least somewhat to the intimidation factor, break up the outline a little bit, work with the blue-and-black crowd On The Job and, ultimately, look cool.

Hell people might even wear it while they're deployed…even this blue and black pattern is better than that UCP shyte.

Here's Jim:


For more about Jim and his staff of long-gun (and other) instructors, go to Shadow 6.

For more about A-TACS, go to


Mad Duo Clear!

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