FIREClean on 300 Win Mag and an excellent brass vs. steel comparison

FIREClean on NEMO 300 Win Mag

Our minions argue constantly about weapon lubricant. CLP, FIREClean, FrogLube, good old fashioned cosmoline…it’s an ongoing battle. Here’s a quick look at how FIREClean affected the bcg of a 300 Win Mag from Nemo Arms after 600+ rounds.


Along the same lines, Lucky Gunner Labs performed what they call an “Epic Torture Test” of brass vs. steel cased ammo, and FIREClean is the lube they chose to do so.

Cleaning and Lubrication

A cleaning and lubrication schedule was followed – at 2,500 and 7,500 rounds, the bolt carrier group was wiped down with a paper towel, and at 5,000 rounds, a detailed cleaning was undertaken. A single drop of FireClean lubricant was applied to the cam pin hole of the bolt carrier group every 1,000 rounds, and six drops were used after each of the aforementioned cleaning intervals. Certain small parts were replaced as needed, and they will be discussed later in the article. After all initial tests were complete, the bulk of the shooting commenced.

It’s fairly comprehensive and worth reading, and not just for what they have to say about the lube (FIREClean summarizes, “You can see how 28 drops of FIREClean were used to keep a 16″ Bushmaster carbine running for 10,000 malfunction-free rounds in the Arizona desert.”) Lucky Gunner Labs provide an overview of brass vs. steel results and the frequency of malfunctions (Federal is better than Tula -what a surprise!) and scalable pictures of which ammunition was dirtiest.

It’s a long read, but if you’re interested in this sort of thing it’s absolutely worth it. Go check out the original article here.

Learn more about FIREClean here or on Facebook. Lucky Gunner Labs is here. NEMO Arms is online here.

Check it out.

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