22422 Drill With Travis Haley | Field Notes #20!

The 20th video from SureFire’s educational series Fieldnotes is out — this one features Travis Haley of Haley Strategic, covering the “22422 Drill.” Breach-Bang-Clear

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SureFire Fieldnotes | The 22422 Drill 

SureFire’s Ongoing Education Series Hits 20 Videos

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Longtime JTF Awesome member SureFire has published the twentieth video in Fieldnotes, its ongoing series of educational videos. Travis Haley is in this one, and he’s discussing what’s called the 22422 drill.

SureFire Field Notes is an ongoing educational series.
SureFire Field Notes has published its 20th video – like the first one released, this tutorial about the 22422 Drill features Travis Haley.

In this video, he discusses not just the drill itself, but also some basic tenets that should be a part of any drill, especially “breaking it down.”

SureFire Field Notes is a multi-segment informational video series with tips and techniques from subject matter experts of all backgrounds.

SureFire Fieldnotes is an ongoing educational series featuring various SMEs from the tactical community providing instruction.
As Haley explains, there’s more to running any range exercise (including the 22422 drill) than shooting – break it down and exploit it for a purpose, with a plan.
Brought to you today by SureFire (/SureFire/). A member of JTF Awesome.

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