Field Kit (Survival and EDC?) "Fire Fixins"

"…Making a fire isn’t difficult if you have unlimited dry fuel, a cigarette lighter, or some gasoline.  It becomes a much more challenging task if you are wet and cold and stuck in the woods without a piece of dry wood in sight…In situations like these, tinder and kindling selection is vitally important.  Taking the time to gather a large amount of dry, fine tinder material (along with plenty of kindling sorted by size) will be the difference between getting a good fire started and merely wasting your time with a bunch of smoldering leaves…"

Great review of a handy product by Greg Ellfrit: Fire Fixins.  "The product is called “Fire Fixins” and was created by a Scoutmaster and outdoorsman named Jay Boggs…"

Read the whole thing.

Buy some.


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