Eric Wilber

Eric Wilber is a fifteen year veteran of the Michigan State Police, the last several years of which he has been assigned to EST (Emergency Support Team, the MSP tactical unit). A Marine Corps veteran, where he served as a Light Armored Vehicle Crewman, 3RD Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion out of 29 Palms, he is an experienced tracker and an instructor in several disciplines (including Small Squad Tactics, Quick Action Deployment, Raid Entry, Tactical Tracking, et al), teaching at the lengthy (and arduous) tactical academy new EST members must successfully complete to complete Selection for the EST.

A contributing editor for many years to the Michigan State Police Magazine, Eric is also a patrol officer servicing in a hometown security capacity focusing on high crime areas. He would have a longer bio on here but begged the Mad Duo to relent and not pontificate, at least about him. He is a handsome devil, but not as good looking as the Duo.


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