Eidolon Holster Officially Launches at F3 Tactical

It’s been a long wait, but it’s officially finally official. Mad Duo


Eidolon Holster Officially Launches at F3 Tactical

It’s impossible to find two people who are exactly the same. Age, sex, body type, weight, knowledge, intelligence, skill, personal preferences: we are all unique, precious snowflakes unlike all others. But in the world of concealed carry, this seems to be forgotten. Companies make one size fits all products, particularly holsters. Since most holsters are mass produced and factory preset, you are likely to end up with a holster that only fits the dude who created it. You might find a system that works for you, but not your buddy, partner, teammate or entire organization. But the release of the Raven Concealment Systems Eidolon holsters may have changed that.

RCS set out to create the ultimate IWB holster system, one infinitely adaptable regardless of your preferred mode of carry, dominant hand, body shape or choice of clothing. After years of research and development their effort paid off with the Eidolon holster system, now available for purchase. We headed down to F3 Tactical in Chantilly, Virginia to the Eidolon’s launch party this past week to get the first-hand story of its development from the very men who created it. 


The Project started several years ago, as RCS was developing a new holster system to replace some of their classic designs. Having been an industry forerunner in Kydex holster manufacture for years, the company was seeking the next step in holster design when they paid Kyle Defoor a visit. After a conversation over a few cold beers Defoor, a respected firearms trainer and consultant with an extensive history in Naval Special Warfare, agreed to help on the project. That candid, informal conversation between friends soon turned to excitement as the began to flow. RCS has long provided their holsters to various government clients, and had recently received a new request for a concealed holster system that would work “for everyone” regardless of their body shape or mission role. RCS has always been receptive to solving specific problems for customers, and began to pursue a solution. 


“We had two different major holster designs under development at the time, when we went to visit Kyle.” Michael Goerlich told us. “The one we had been pursuing came to a dead halt to pursue the Eidolon project, based off of Kyle’s recommendations. The intent of the Eidolon was to create a modular, adaptable system that would provide unparalleled concealment, but without sacrificing speed or comfort.” 

 Kyle Defoor told us he was excited to work on the project, seeing it as a way to finally bring some much needed improvement to systems currently in use by many of his government and DoD students.

“We aren’t trying to badmouth other products out there, but when you see hundreds of other guys having issues, you get to see what works. There are too many people that harbor emotional attachments to their gear.” 


After years of trial and error, numerous 3D printed prototypes and thousands of hours of daily carry as well as range time, the RCS team arrived at the final design. Matt Jacques, another well known CCW trainer helped test and evaluate the system leading up to its release, providing a fresh set of eyes and his own unique perspective.

“It’s fully ambidextrous, user configurable for ride and comfort, and definitely the most adaptable holster on the market,” Jacques says. “From the point of view of a large agency, the Eidolon system is your best option as the kit will fit the needs of everyone in your organization.”  Goerlich goes a step further, saying, “I am willing to bet that we have spend more time, money and effort to develop the Eidolon than any other holster on the market. And we had to, to achieve this significant of a result.” 


The RCS crew shares more then just a passion for gear with F3 Tactical, the company’s main east coast dealer of Raven products. They also share a love of animals, which F3 owner Jimmy Smith is very open about. F3 Tactical’s Boxer-wolfhound mix mascot, the famous “Bolt”, is a rescue dog which had a tough life before being adopted by Jimmy. Bolt now spends his days in the comfortable position of official greeter and customer service representative at F3.


To celebrate the launch of the Eidolon, RCS and F3 Tactical asked that everyone bring a large Kong dog toy to the party for donation to the Cleveland Animal Shelter. Writing your name on the toy’s packaging placed you in the running for a $500 dollar gift certificate to F3, which one lucky Gentleman won out of the more than 80 toys that were donated. Two additional $100 gift certificates were also randomly selected at the end of the party. 


We had a great time at the Eidolon Launch party, and from the looks of everything, so did all those in attendance. We had the opportunity to interview the men that worked to bring the holster design forward, and the chance to speak with many fans of Breach-Bang-Clear. Since nearly everyone at BBC has at least one RCS holster (there are no absolutes with this crew), we have enjoyed the company’s holsters for many years. We’ve been using several of the preproduction Eidolon holsters for daily carry the last few months, we think that the new holster is going to make a big splash in the holster market. Will it truly be the end-all, be-all holster for every man and woman who carries a gun? That would be impossible.- However, this might just be closer than anything you’ve ever seen before.  You can learn more about the Eidolon here, or on the Raven Concealment website. For more information about training with Kyle Defoor check out his site here. Matt Jacques owns another fine training company, Victory First. Lastly we would like to thank F3 Tactical for hosting us. If you are in the Chantilly, Virginia area be sure to stop in! 



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3 thoughts on “Eidolon Holster Officially Launches at F3 Tactical

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  • April 10, 2015 at 2:39 pm

    I was and still am seriously pissed I was not able to make it to F3 last Saturday. I had a full on rager but once again, a job gets in the way. I for one cannot wait to try the Eidolon out.

  • April 9, 2015 at 9:24 am

    Have had the chance to use the Eidolon for about a week now. Have to say I am impressed. Still working out a few bugs but I really like it. Had been using the incog for a while before this Eidolon. Wanted something that would tuck the butt of the pistol in a little better during those summer months.

    Its an impressive system for the money you get a lot of options on carry


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