Easy Day – Costa does a different kind of advertorial

In Easy Day, Chris Costa plays a Sheriff’s Deputy assigned to a narcotics unit on their way to serve a warrant. Things quickly go pear-shaped, as you’ll see. We talked to Chris about the video – tell you about that after you watch the episode.

So, to clarify – it’s a commercial for several pieces of equipment. It’s not supposed to be a hyper-realistic exposition of tactics/techniques or gear, nor is it a documentary. If you’re looking for a training video, you’ll need to look elsewhere (since obviously a one man entry into a warehouse with at least 3 gun-toting assholes might not be the most prudent or judicious move).

“It’s not supposed to be anything more than a marketing video,” Costa advised us. “I’m just over the YouTube video ‘tailgate session,’ you know what I mean? Me telling you why a product is good…instead…we thought, let’s put the products in action in a mini-movie. Most people now get their news online, so if this marketing aspects works, and I think it will, the character I play will do other videos that will allow engagment with the audience and put good products into play.”

Asked what his response will be to the inevitable ‘haters’ who criticize the tactics the characters use in the video, or how the story unfolds, he responds, “Ther’es not much we can do about that…I mean, there’s a one man entry, there character is chasing a suspect thatjust shot his partner. He doesn’t know he’s running into a drug deal that’s going down. Yeah, it’s a one man entry, are you going to leave your partner there and go chaset he bad guy, or are you going to call for backup and wait ’til they arrive? Look, there’s some entertainment value in there. There will be the guys who say, Wait on backup! but that doesn’t make a commerical. Not much excitement or opportunity to show off the gear if it ends right there, is there?”

We asked a few more questions. They’re listed below.

Mad Duo: Will the Mad Duo be making a cameo in a future episode, or are you actually a peace-loving hippie without the common sense to read the Duo. For that matter, are there future episodes?

Costa: There will be future episodes. As far as a cameo, I would say the Mad Duo could make it into a ‘behind the scenes’ video; I’m not sure you guys are as high speed, low drag as my action figure. He comes with his own rappell rope.

Mad Duo: Setting aside the fact that your action figure has been rumored to wear Ken clothes and has weird hands, how/why did you pick the particular pieces of gear you did?

Costa: We picked pieces of gear I’ve used, and liked, but this isn’t limited to just our syndicate partners. If someone wants to advertise with us, we’ll do it. I could be wrong, but I think this is the way advertising will be done in the future. This is for the greater good of the gun community. A 3-minute video is a great way to market.

Slim: At 2:10 in the video you shoot a dude in the dick. I mean, you shot this dude in the dick. Why woudl you shoot a dude in the dick when you could hit him in chest or the face?

Costa: Where would you not want to get shot? Face or dick?

Swingin’ Dick Kilgore: If you had to shave, would you go electric shears and electric razor, triple-blade disposable or old school straight razor?

Costa: I’d like to say I’d go to the old school straight razor, but I’m afraid I’d have actually have to do the Stihl 760. Definitely not electric.

Slim: Have you ever used Rock Tape on hookers, like in Thailand or Cleveland or wherever?

Costa: Dickhead. *hangs up phone*

Later we’ll run the “behind the scenes” video if you’re interested. Stay tuned for that. First you need to read Part 2 of COWAN!’s latest article. It’s awesome.

Mad Duo, Breach-Bang & CLEAR!

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