The Day of Reckoning – It’s On Sale

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The Day of Reckoning – It’s On Sale

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The Leviathan Group tells us G. Michael Hopf’s Amazon best-seller Day of Reckoning is currently on sale – .99 for the Kindle version, $12.99 for a hard copy. Why should you care?

Well, you shouldn’t. Unless you enjoy post-apocalyptic shoot-em-up fiction. Oh, and unless you don’t to support veteran writers. Hopf is a former Marine, a Desert Storm veteran who served with 1st Tanks and then Weapons Company 1/1. After leaving the Marine Corps Hopf did some diving and some dignitary protection work, then he became a novelist…

…then lookee here, he has over a dozen books and is a best-selling author.

Get a copy of the novel right here; don’t be a bunch of nasty, cheap bastards.

We’ll have a review and an excerpt later. Meanwhile get your copy now. Don’t want that book, or looking for more than one? Check out his author page here.

More to follow.

“Okay, first platoon, show-time!” Brennan hollered just before racing down the ramp of the Osprey and onto the gravel lot adjacent to their target building. 

Around him the thumping of rotors from multiple Ospreys filled the early evening air.

Soon yelling and screaming sounded all around them. 

He crouched, his rifle in his shoulder. “Straight ahead, go!”

First platoon sprinted towards a set of side doors. When they reached them, they stacked up. 

Brennan stepped forward, his rifle pointed at the door. “Let’s get it open!” 

With his SAW slung on his back, Dietz stepped up with a breaching sledge. He swung hard and struck the door near the handle. The door burst inward. 

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