In today’s SHOT Show report, Big Joe (the most ostrobogulous of our mollynogging minions) will bring you up to speed on current events in the world of Georgia based American AR (America’s Rifle) company, Daniel Defense. It was a good day for young Joseph. He got the scoop on DD and he found the Batman v. Superman XXX porn parody won Best Special Effects. Read on. Mad Duo

Grunts: ostrobogulous.

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Photography by SEEING RED‘s Taylor Lange and courtesy of Daniel Defense.

Daniel Defense 9
Big Joe at the Daniel Defense booth, SHOT 2016

Dammit, we did it again, sorry. Grunts: Mollynogging.

So while we were on our way to the Public House pub to go online and get directions to the AVN Awards, we happened to catch sight of someone we thought was Kleio Valentien, so we followed her a while. Eventually we wound up at the Daniel Defense booth — which is where we realized it wasn’t Kleio at all, but actually DD Marketing HMFIC Thomas Carlson (don’t get all judgey — they look a lot alike from behind, especially in a hat).

Anyway, we stuck around a while and picked their brains ‘cuz guns are just as awesome as boobs. The AVN Awards could wait. I don’t really think that I need to touch on the great barrels Daniel Defense makes, but they do have some other new stuff that will interest many of you reading this.Daniel Defense 2

Daniel Defense-12

Daniel Defense 7

Daniel Defense 4

Daniel Defense 8

For instance, Daniel Defense now has M-LOK for their MFR XS rail. This is noteworthy because now you can buy a DD rifle in Keymod, M-LOK, or Pic rail. This means any buyer can customize any rifle anyway.

Batman v Superman XXX Axel Braun AVN Awards
Congratulations Axel Braun for your award.

Something that is completely new to DD is the DD5V1 — that’s right, DD has entered the .308 market. This is Daniel Defense’s first stab at the .308 and I think they’re going to do very well with it indeed. One cool feature of the DD5V1 is that it has no barrel nut and is completely ambidextrous (and it comes from the factory with a Geissele SSA trigger). The DD5V1 will retail at $2899, which will no doubt make some people balk but those people can always just buy a Hi-Point carbine instead.

Daniel Defense-1

Then there was the DDM4 ISR. DDM4 Integrally Suppressed Rifle! Seriously. We’d donate organs to buy this gun (or sell yours and leave you in a bathtub full of ice). The ISR is chambered in 300 Blackout and, as the name/acronym would indicate, a suppressor built right in. The fluted barrel and suppressor measure a total of 16.1 in. long, making it a one tax stamp gun (we like stamp collecting as much as the next guy, but why spend more money than you have to?).

The DDM4 ISR’s proprietary “MilSpec +” color is a little unusual, but boy it sure is purdy. More on all the new Daniel Defense products (including some pretty sweet co-branded Oakley glasses) in the weeks to come.

Daniel Defense SHOT Show 2016 -7 Daniel Defense SHOT Show 2016 -6 Daniel Defense SHOT Show 2016 -5 Daniel Defense SHOT Show 2016 -4 Daniel Defense SHOT Show 2016 -3

Learn more about Daniel Defense here. You can find ’em on Facebook right here or follow them on Instagram, @danieldefense. If you’re a Twitter-er, their handle there is @DanielDefense.


Daniel Defense SHOT Show 2016 -2

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