Custom Bats and Gear Available from Louisville Slugger

Custom Bats and Gear from Louisville Slugger

Jake “Slim” Call

Good bourbon isn’t the only thing that comes outta Kentucky — so do baseball bats, though they’re not necessarily anything like Lucille. For instance, Louisville Slugger, which has been making bats for nearly a century and a half, is based in, wait for it…Louisville, KY. They’ve asked us to let readers know they’re offering personalized bats and other baseball whatsits in case you’re looking for gift ideas.

Yeah, I know. This isn’t our typical fare, but we figured some of you might want the heads up.

Anyway, Louisville Sugger is offering “team-inspired” bats (and gloves, and bags, etc.) for everyone. Even you poor, misguided Oakland As fans.

Bats retail for $69.95, adult gloves are $349.99, and bags are $34.99.

Here’s what they tell us:

Personalized bats: For more than 130 years, Major League Baseball players have turned to Louisville Slugger for our high level of craftsmanship and technology. That comes to life in our custom team bats, designed with your favorite teams logo and colors. That same innovation and dedication, now in your hands.

Personalized glove: The game’s most famous baseball glove, the Wilson A2000, looks better than ever in the A2000 1786 model with you teams logo and colors. As the Official Glove of Major League Baseball, Wilson is constantly refining its products to deliver the best gloves for you – and the pros – to take onto the field.

Personalized bag: Now you can put your favorite MLB team on your back with the Louisville Slugger Genuine MLB bags, available with your teams colors and logos. These bags are the perfect size for a youth ballplayer, but still spacious — equipped with a main compartment that can fit a helmet, glove and kids shoes and two side pockets for bats. Now you can take your favorite big-league club with you wherever you go.

You can getcherself one online at the Louisville Slugger website, should you be so inclined.

Best we can tell, if you order by November 27th you should get it by Christmas Eve, but you might oughta check with customer service first. Louiseville Slugger’s on Instagram, @sluggernation, and on Facebook, /Louisvilleslugger/. You can also go straight to Slugger Custom Bats.

They’ve also got a lot of stuff on Amazon that’s eligible for Amazon Prime. That’ll be helpful for all you like Swingin’ Dick, who wait ’til the last damn minute.

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