Custom Aegis Buckles in the Wild

You like personalizing your gear? We do, and we’re not just talking about drawing dicks in porta-potties. In fact, we encourage our minions to wear branded belt buckles expressly to create that uncomfortable moment that ensues when it looks like you’ve caught someone looking at your crotch. And that’s just one reason so many of our crew wear an Ares Gear belt with an Aegis buckle.

Ares Gear Aegis Buckle - BattleComp

Obviously it’s not as bad when it’s a female (the crotch-staring, we mean).

Ares Gear - ALG Defense

Anyway, these are just a few of the plethora of laser engraved Aegis belt buckles produced for the tactical/firearms industry by JTF Awesome member Ares Gear. Need something stylized for your unit/department/secret-beast-worshipping-virgin-sacrificing-cult? Want something to show pride in your organization while keeping your britches up at the same time? Then check out Aegis belts. You can find details here.

Read a review by Matt Jacques here or another by Mia Kiddo here if you’re wondering why “stiffer is better.”

Ares Gear - laser engraving the Aegis buckle

Ares Aegis belt Alliance PD SRT

Ares Gear Aegis Buckle - Boresight Solutions

Ares Gear Aegis Buckle - Victory First

Ares Gear - Jurassic World
Even the security guards at Jurassic World wears Aegis belts.

Ares Gear - Aegis Buckle Boresight Solutions

Ares Gear - Aegis Buckle Dark Angel Medical

Ares Gear - Aegis Buckle Geissele Triggers

Ares Gear Aegis Buckle - Crusader Cross

Ares Gear - Aegis Buckle Stoic Ventures

Ares Gear Aegis Buckle - Rat Mountain Design

Ares Gear - Costa Ludus


Tactical belts – looking for a recommendation? Parse through all the articles.

Ares Gear – want to know more? We’ve written about ’em several times.

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 Ares Gear at Weapon Outfitters

Ares tactical belt line on Amazon

Tactical belts from Ares Gear at US Elite Gear

Aegis Belt and other EDC belts at Brownells

Ares Gear at Tactical Distributors Inc.


Mad Duo and Ares Gear 2b

Ares Gear and the Mad Duo

Chris Costa, the Mad Duo, and Ares Gear


CQB - Close Quarters Battle Gif

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