Congrats to C&H Precision Weapons – now a depot for McRee’s BR10 Rifle System

C&H Precision Weapons Named One-of-Six Authorized Depot Facilities for McRees BR10 Rifle System


C&H Precision Weapons, manufacturers of high-quality custom-built precision rifles, recently announced that they have been named as one of just six authorized depot facilities for the McRees BR10 (Bolt Rifle TEN) rifle system .  This makes C&H  Precision Weapons one of the elite few officially approved to build the new platform.

For those of you unfamiliar  with the BR10 system, it utilizes your existing Remington-style 700 action and is designed in two parts, very similar to an AR; with an upper and lower portion.

The “upper”, barreled action is an  all-concentric assembly  contained in one unit.  The “lower”, stock portion, serves as the interface to the operator and houses the magazine well, cant indicator and a Picatinny Rail for connecting to a tripod.



CBI barrels, which are proprietary to McRee’s Precision, are used from the crown to the breach, as well as Yankee Hill Forearm tubes, with the option to include a Timney Trigger.

“Today’s precision bolt rifle, in many cases, has to interface with battle field required modern technology,” says McRee’s owner and CEO Scott McRee. “Many companies have tried to bridge the gap, but have done nothing other than drive the cost and complication factors thru the roof. We gave a “KISS” to the problem and the BR10-RAP was born.”

BR10_C&H_precision2As an official authorized Depot Facility, C&H Precision Weapons is shipped your specifically chosen parts from McCree’s, completes the work, certifies the rifle and ships it back to you with an estimated lead time 15 business days for your rifle to arrive at your Depot Facility. That’s  pretty phenomenal  considering the lengthy lead times for most  custom rifle work.

“The McRees BR10 system is based on simplistic yet extraordinary engineering,” advises C&H CO-Owner and President, Buck Holly. “We are proud and honored to be added to this exclusive list of depots; and are excited to be able to include the BR10 to our line-up of custom built rifles; giving us another option to provide to our precision shooting customers.”

BR10_C&H_precision4In addition to the BR10 rifle systems, the company also produces custom builds; working with each customers’ unique set of requirements for their particular application – whether for tactical teams, competitive shooting, long range hunting or light-weight rifles for extreme hunting trips. Former USMC 2112 Dave Clark is functioning as the company’s Master Armorer, and will apply the same attention to detail and care to rebuilding your rifle as he did building the M40 series of sniper rifles for the Corps.  We are excited to hear that C&H Precision Weapons has been selected to build these rifles, and we look forward to reviewing the long guns in the future. Check out the specs below, and check out C&H and McCree  at the links provided.

The BR10 Rifle System:

  • All BR10’s are guaranteed to shoot a minimum of 1/2 MOA at 100 yards
  • There is a set standard of what an OEM BR10 is comprised of and how it is configured
  • There are a number of options that the Depot Facility can install
  • Military style supply system. “Depot Level Rework Facility”
  • Only Trained and Certified locations will be authorized to be a “Depot Facility”
  • All BR10’s will be delivered to the end user with a ‘Certificate of Accuracy’

Learn more at McRee’s Precision  ; check out C&H Precision by visiting


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