New 5.7 CCW Pocket Pistol from ATEi

Ares Gear is advising they have a limited number of converted Browning .25s (1906 model) converted to 5.7 by His Imminence the Holloway of House Holloway at ATEi. If you’re not familiar with Doug’s work, it is astounding. He’s probably the only one in the country who could make this weapon work without such significant recoil managements issues as to make the entire conversion untenable (grunts: untenable). Says Ares Gear’s Erik “Trek” Utrecht (pronounced Utrecht, not as a hairball), “It’s the truly the best mix of caliber and concealability.”

Jerry Sarkody of Rat Mountain Design avers, “I wouldn’t have believed it could be done if I hadn’t seen it myself. This pistol is small enough to hide in my jockstrap without crowding my junk.”

To order your converted Model 1906, Ares advises you should go here.

Mad Duo, Breach-Bang-CLEAR!


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