Lack of Leadership in Afghanistan

"Our Army refuses to adapt and all of this needlessly puts soldiers performing direct combat missions at risk…it is clear that US Army units are employed in ways that are grossly inconsistent with wound military tactics…" Col. Harry D. Tunnell, IV

As reported by Michael Yon, an Army Colonel wrote a letter to the Secretary of the Army in 2010, expressing his dismay and concern about the lack of professional leadership at senior levels in the army.  This is that letter. It seems that although we may occasionally learn from past mistakes, the lessons don't actually hold very long. It is hard to say which part of the article is the most infuriating…the obfuscation of the chain of command and the actual responsibilities of international assets, or the denial of American assets to American personnel in favor of Coalition units.

"As the commander of 5/2 ID (SBCT) I was continally badgered to no conduct brigade maneuver life fire training before deploying because NTC leaders deemed that we were already "too lethal" of an organization. As a military historian I am simply not familiar with the concept of an infantry brigade being too lethal and thus denied live fire training…" (Ibid)

"A military intelligence officer promoting the idea that we focus too much effort on the enemy during a period of increasing American casualties is reflective of indifference toward American losses and demonstrative of an incompetent military art and science…" (Ibid)

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