Changes in Cold Weather EDC | Some Thoughts from WON

Cold weather EDC – it’s different from warm weather carry, often drastically so. Breach-Bang-Clear

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Changes in Cold Weather EDC | Some Thoughts from WON

Differences in Clothing Styles, Additional Layers – It Will All Affect How You Carry

Stephanie Kimmell

Princess Gunslinger Michelle Cerino is the president of Cerino Consulting and Training Group, LLC, which offers firearms training. She is also a hunter and shooting competitor as well as the managing and social editor at Women’s Outdoor News. She recently wrote about differences in Every Day Carry (EDC) in cold weather versus warm weather.

Bulkier clothing and freezing temperatures can affect timing and skill. To better prepare for potential scenarios in winter weather, Cerino recommends dry practice at home and practicing on the range in cold weather.

Now practice your draw and presentation. It’s not quite the same as it is with summer clothing, is it? Clearing clothing with a few more layers takes some extra effort and practice. When you clear your cover garments, you need to make sure not to miss a layer. I’ve grabbed a handful of shirt before, and it really slows you down.

Dry Practice in Cold Weather
To be effective with EDC, dry practice your draw and presentation indoors.
Now take it a step further. Try dry practice with a heavy coat on, and zip it up. Consider how you’re going to clear your garment now. You might need to consider changing the way you carry, or which firearm you carry.
If your coat does not adequately accommodate your firearm and your EDC style, you may need to choose a different coat.
Determine if your winter coat will fit your firearm and EDC style.

Once you feel comfortable with your dry practice, Cerino recommends practicing your winter EDC techniques on the range as soon as the weather permits.

Training in cold weather conditions will improve your proficiency with EDC under the bulk of winter garments.
Practice makes perfect. Make sure to spend some time on the range in cold weather to improve your cold weather EDC proficiency. (photo credit CBS News)

Read Cerino’s full article about cold weather EDC here.

Note:  There are also off-body EDC options. Warrior Packs are one option preferred by those who prefer to carry off-body. Though not often the preferred choice of concealed carriers, there are proponents of the system. Read Off-Body, One Woman’s Take on Concealed Carry.

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