Caracal Enhanced F Pistol – Now Manufactured in the USA

Caracal Enhanced F Pistol – Now Manufactured in the USA  

We got a message from Caracal USA recently about their SHOT Show plans and the ongoing work with their Caracal Enhanced F Pistol. There’s not a whole lot to report so far, but we figured we’d pass it along.

Caracal Enhanced F Model-2

Caracal USA is a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi-based Caracal International. Their new handgun is being built at the Wilcox Industries facility in Portsmouth, NH. While we’ve yet to lay hands on, Caracal has given us the manufacturer’s rundown. For instance, they say the trigger is 4.8 lbs start to break, without buildup, slack or wall. We can’t tell you much more than that because we haven’t had the chance to shoot it yet. We can show you the original design specs though.

Caracal USA will be in booth #2829 this year. They ask you to swing by if you want to learn about their Enhanced F, CAR814A2 or CAR816A2 rifles.

Caracal promises more information as SHOT Show 2017 draws close. We’ll let you know if we see/hear/read anything more.

Here’s a look at some of the manufacturing process.


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