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A new sub-compact and full-sized VP9 pistol from Heckler & Koch, an upper receiver from Colt’s Manufacturing, a 14 in. shotgun barrel from Carlson’s, and an M-LOK rail bipod from Caldwell – all new in this week’s WWNLWB.


In this Brownells video —

• Heckler & Koch VP9 pistol, full-sized, features a 15 round magazine, an OD green frame finish, a paddle magazine release, as well as a crisp trigger. Item #100-027-489

• Heckler & Koch VP9SK sub-compact pistol contains a 10 round magazine and contains the same features as the full-sized version. Item #100-027-485

• Carlson’s Mossberg Shockwave 14 in. barrel, which fits all Mossberg Shockwave shotguns, features 22 port holes, and a fiber-optic bead. Item #100-027-786

• Colt’s Manufacturing LE6960-CCU upper receiver contains a Colt barrel, as well as a Centurion M-LOK handguard. Item #160-000-445

• Caldwell Accumax premium M-LOK rail bipod features adjustable carbon-fiber legs, an adjustable bipod head, and an M-Lok rifle attachment connection.  Item #100-030-309

Looking for some options? Order the hard copy Big Book online.

Brownells (@brownellsinc) is online, obviously, but they also have their own Prime Tactical section; if you’re impatient, as those of us here at Breach-Bang-Clear HQ so often are, then check out the Amazon Outfitters Brownells Aisle

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