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A new rifle from Howa, assorted Glock pieces from TangoDown’s Vickers Tactical line, a Magpul chassis, and a Glock drop-in trigger from Agency Arms – all new in this week’s WWNLWB.

AR15 X-Ray - Internal Parts and Mechanisms
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In this Brownells video —

• Magpul Remington pro 700 SA chassis are ambidextrous and feature a folding stock mechanism, M-LOK rails, accepts AI magazines, an adjustable pistol grip, as well as an angular pistol grip. Item #100-026-948.  Big Book Issue 71, pg. 186.

• Howa KRG Bravo 1500 rifle is chambered in 6mm Creedmoor, has a 26 in. barrel length, a threaded muzzle, an adjustable cheek-piece, M-LOK attachments, as well as AI magazine compatibly. Item #100-026-858

• Agency Arms Red drop-in trigger for Glock showcases a red anodized finish for the trigger shoe, a trigger bar, as well as a trigger connector. Item #100-027-936 (-937 for Gen 5 9/40, -938 for G43)

• TangoDown Orange Vickers Tactical floorplate for Glock features flared edges, as well as index points on either side. Item #100-031-150 (available in a variety of different colors). Big Book Issue 71, pg. 230.

Wanna see some knives?

Bill the Butcher - want to see more knives?

• TangoDown Tan Vickers Tactical grip plug/takedown tool features a stainless steel takedown tool as well as a glass-filled nylon handle. Item #100-030-596 (-019-808 for Black, -030-597 for Gray). Big Book Issue 71, pg. 217.

• TangoDown Vickers Tactical Glock Gen 5 slide racker showcases serrated wings at the end of either side as well as injection molded glass with reinforced nylon construction. Item #100-031-145 (-022-685 for 9/40)

• TangoDown Vickers Tactical Glock 43 extended magazine release showcases a serrated release button and is constructed from high strength polymer composite. Item #100-030-593 (available in a variety of different colors)

• TangoDown Vickers Tactical Glock 43 magazine extension features a longer heat-treated stainless steel spring, as well as an extended floorplate. Item #100-031-153 (available in a variety of different colors)

Looking for some options? Order the hard copy Big Book online.

Brownells (@brownellsinc) is online, obviously, but they also have their own Prime Tactical section; if you’re impatient, as those of us here at Breach-Bang-Clear HQ so often are, then check out the Amazon Outfitters Brownells Aisle

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