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A new serialized Glock frame from Polymer80, an AR-15 9mm muzzle brake from VG6, a Magpul suppressor cover, a hunter stock from GRS Riflestocks, and a free float AR-15 RAS handguard from Knight’s Armament – all new in this week’s WWNLWB.

Victory First's Victory Wear has several shirts available, including Modern Day Coachgun.

In this Brownells video —

• Magpul Suppressor covers announced at SHOT Show, these covers allow airflow between the metal heat shield and suppressor with a polymer sleeve. Item #100-026-954 (-953 for the black finish)

• Polymer80 PFC9 serialized frame for Glock 19/23 includes a front rail, locking block, and rear rail Item #100-030-050 (available in different finishes and styles).  Big Book Issue 71, pg. 215.

Wanna see some knives?

Bill the Butcher - want to see more knives?

• GRS Riflestocks Howa 1500 SA hunter stock features a wide forend, contoured grip, sling swivels, as well as an adjustable cheek-piece and length-of-pull. Item #100-029-811 (available in different colors)

• VG6 AR-15 Gamma 9mm muzzle brake features two large ports on each side and ventilation on the top. Item #100-029-393 (-394 for Bead Blasted Stainless Steel finish)

• Knight’s Armament AR-15 RAS free float handguard has MRE barrel nut, as well as quad rails. Item #100-027-603 (available in different variations)

Looking for some options? Order the hard copy Big Book online.


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Brownells (@brownellsinc) is online, obviously, but they also have their own Prime Tactical section; if you’re impatient, as those of us here at Breach-Bang-Clear HQ so often are, then check out the Amazon Outfitters Brownells Aisle

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