Brass Knucks – A Fist Full of Pain from Empire Tactical

Empire Tactical Brass Knuckles Beer Bottle Opener
| July 21, 2020
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I love this country. I love that if I want something I can get it, and can get it at every price point imaginable — like brass knuckles. I, like many reading this, probably bought a hundred pounds of Chinese pot metal worth of flea market weapons when I was a kid. One such weapon was a pair of “knucks”, i.e. brass knuckles. Of course, they weren’t actual brass, they were some junk steel that undoubtedly causes cancer and wall licking. Recently I decided I wanted a real set of knuckle dusters, and that meant I wanted actual brass in my brass knuckles. 

Knucks by any other name

“Brass knuckles” has become a popular catch-all term for knuckle dusters. Even though they are rarely made from brass these days, the term stuck. Some people call ’em knucks, and a few even use the T-word, which of course makes anything more badass. 

Read more about these “tactical brass knuckles” from Empire Tactical at House Morningwood.

"knucks" are another term for brass knuckles or knuckle dusters

Next up: Warriors. Born or Made?

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  1. Deputy276

    I just bought 2 from Empire Tactical. Be advised they are BIG. Not gonna be easy to hide in a tight pair of jeans. But OH MAN…if you ever punch someone while wearing one, you might take his head OFF!!! I am on the process of checking our state police for the lawon carrying them.

  2. john musta

    i want to order please help /brass dusters

  3. Jorge Burgos

    Nice gadget


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