Boots on the Ground NRAAM 2016

Boots on the Ground NRAAM 2016: Richard Kilgore and Slim Call are on the ground at the 2016 National Rifle Association Annual Meetings and Exhibits…which should actually be NRAAME, but we’re not in charge of acronym-ing, so deal with it. As it turns out, when the NRA isn’t fighting for Second Amendment rights or crafting new messages to ask for money (especially if you’re already a lifetime member) they also plan a big convention every year. NRAAM(E) is that convention. 500,000 square feet of convention space, 750+ exhibitors (including many members of Joint Task Force Awesome) and of course vast amounts of cleavage on display by booth babes.

We will do our level best to share all of it with you. Unless we get distracted or stepped on — it ain’t easy being a foot tall.

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Now, because we need to get a higher word count up in this thing to improve SEO stuff we mostly don’t understand, we’re gonna copy and paste the NRAAM(E) description from their Facebook page and website. Here you go boys and girls.

What is the National Rifle Association Annual Meetings and Exhibits? Why, it’s Freedom’s Largest Celebration!

Join us for the 145th NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY May 19-22, 2016! More than 550 exhibitors will fill 300,000 square feet of exhibit hall space on top of educational seminars, celebrities, and fun filled special events for the whole family.

Spend the weekend exploring products from every major firearm company in the country, book the hunt of a lifetime in our exclusive outfitter section, and view priceless collections of firearms in our gun collector area. You’ll also see knives, wildlife art, shooting accessories, hunting gear, ATV’s, and much more!, educational seminars, celebrities, and fun filled special events. Bring the whole family – there will be something for everyone!

Check it out — that put us at 302 words. BOOM BABY!

We don’t mean to be this awesome, we just wake up that way.

Every. damn. day.


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