BLACKHAWK T-Series Holsters

BLACKHAWK has done a lot of work on their holster designs over the last several years. The T-Series holster line is no exception.

Top down view of the T-Series Holster showing the thumb release.
Top-down view of the T-Series Holster showing the thumb release.

Thumb Release

The first thing you will notice is the T-Series is the inverse of the much talked about Serpa holster. On the T-Series holsters, they have gone with a more traditional thumb release system. It doesn’t push down but tilts inwards allowing for a draw stroke where your hand is properly positioned for single-hand fire.

T-Series with basket weave pattern.
T-Series with a basket weave pattern.


They come in a level two configuration where the pistol is only held by the release lever and a level three with a spring-loaded hood that covers the rear of the slide.

T-Series infographic

They have it out for a bunch of different popular pistols. They are releasing one with a basket weave pattern one and they plan to release a few others later on.

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