Bikini Clad Manning Appears in Vogue

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Bikini Clad Manning Appears in Vogue

The Breach-Bang-Clear News Team

The private formerly known as Bradley, released not too long ago from a prison sentence earned for treason, is apparently appearing in Vogue.

Note: the image you see above is not Bradley Chelsea Manning. Nope, that leggiadrous lady is the photographer who runs Shoot to Thrill Photography (@shoot_to_thrill_photography), whose work and attitude we enjoy very much.

News of Vogue’s profile piece on Manning, originally brought to our attention by Military Times reporter Ashley Bunch, will likely not inspire any lust in Breach-Bang-Clear readers. We’re only posting it because…well, it’s like a bad car wreck, and not just any car wreck. A car wreck between a ’71 Chevy Vega and an ’01 Pontiac Aztek driven by a dwarf Hillary Clinton impersonator and Judy Clarke, and occupied by Justin Bieber, two clowns, Nancy Pelosi, and Leslie Hall — with all five of the latter in lingerie.

An excerpt from the Vogue piece, written by Nathan Heller, reads,

“It’s a June afternoon, and we are sitting in a park along the Hudson River, a short walk from the sleek Tribeca building where Manning has been living since arriving in New York. Today she is dressed with a mixture of straightforward elegance and function: a casual black sleeveless Marc Jacobs dress with playful paisley lining, a small purse from The Row, Borderline boots by Vetements x Dr. Martens, and—the cinching touch—a black utility belt from 5.11 Tactical, a gear company that supplies law enforcement and the military.”


Also not Chelsea Manning – in fact, just about the furthest thing from it. No, this bellibone is Liizette Zaragoza (@liizette_Zaragoza).

You can read the original article right here on; because “…this is what freedom looks like.”

Nope, not Manning. That’s Charissa Littlejohn on the left, and Tina Lousie on the right. Either one of these quaintrelles could likely kick Manning’s ass. (@charissa_littlejohn, @miss_tina_louise)

Since we know you’re interested, you can follow Bradley Chelsea Manning on Instagram, @xychelsea87. Not entirely sure why you would, but there you go. Oh, and here’s a little glimpse of all the hawtness you’ll find in that Vogue article.

The Private Formerly Known as Bradley.

You’re welcome?

The News Team

Grunts: bellibone, quaintrelle, and leggiadrous. Admit it…you thought we’d forgot.

Put a couple Pez-style Freedom Dispensers in your vehicle – right there in the door.


1 Bunch is a former USAF K9 handler and one of our Chief Editors troops when he was still active duty; you know the kind. Overachievers who get promoted btz and have shit done before the boss knows he needs it. We’re wooing her to our team of reporters now.

This article was lovingly prepared for you by the Breach-Bang-Clear News Team.

Mad Duo, Breach-Bang& CLEAR!

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  • August 11, 2017 at 7:02 pm

    When I finally got down to “its” photograph after all of the others my eyes starting to burn.


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