Beretta joins the list of Gun companies on the move… but is exodus the answer?

As you prob’ly already know, Beretta recently joined the list of gun companies on the move… but is exodus the answer?

It seems like every month or two another firearms company announces its intent to move out of the occupied zone and into a free state.  Some of these companies are small and young, where the crushing new laws which are arbitrarily created in blue states are almost certain to bring production to a grinding halt. Other companies are some of America’s oldest, producing firearms since before the end of the industrial revolution that actually helped shape this great nation.  Recently Berretta, the world’s oldest firearms manufacturer, announced it will be moving production from Maryland to Tennessee.


With the passing of New York’s ridiculous SAFE act, the idiot politicians in Colorado banning Magpul’s prime product, and New England increasingly threatening more oppressive laws, it’s no wonder everyone is packing up shop.  This past year, we have seen many new announcements. Magpul is relocating to Texas and Wyoming, Remington to Alabama; Mossberg to Texas….the list goes on. The Northeast is slowly being emptied of all firearms manufacturers and anyone that produces products for guns.


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New Hampshire is one of the few holdouts left, but who knows how long they will be able to do so before the irrational fear of guns contaminates an historically pro 2A state.  They are surrounded and cut off. With Kahr Arms moving from NY to Pennsylvania, they are one of the few sticking around. It’s an expensive gamble to build a new state of the art facility so close to the lion’s den of job-killing bureaucracy and idiocratic legislation. Pennsylvania continues to fight for the Second Amendment, but they are losing traction in certain areas, just like their neighbors in Virginia.  The thought process of the anti-gunners is so simple minded, near sighted and anti-Constitutionally myopic, it’s amazing they have the ability to run their states in any capacity at all.  The absence of any real understanding of firearms, the hasty passing of new draconian laws after each new shooting and their own corrupt agendas all add up to the loss of jobs and revenue for their state.


There are two groups that seem to surface with each firearms related tragedy. First are those with the knee jerk reaction of “We need to do SOMETHING now!”  Then there are those that look at it objectively, with reason and logic. These people are the ones that ask “what is the root cause of this problem?”  How can we ever fix anything, without identifying and understanding the source of the issue?  For those that hate guns, that particular SOMETHING is a new law, and of course affixing blame on inanimate objects used by bad people.

For those looking at the root of the issue, its “why is our culture promoting weak handed policies, a revolving door on prisons, and leniency on violent crime?”What is the core social issue causing this violence, since it is individuals who choose to commit crime and perpetrate it?  Or perhaps more simply, “Why are PEOPLE not scared to go out and hurt other PEOPLE?. Knife, bat, automobile, claw hammer, golf club, shotgun, can of gasoline….. It all comes down to what a PERSON wants to do with it. Reason and logic make that clear, and yet it is the firearm that magically turns “good guys” getting their “lives back on track” into robotic killers.

Here’s a hint: It’s not the trigger sending messages to command the brain, it’s the brain sending messages to pull or not pull the trigger. Hurt people, or help them.  It’s free thought.



We continue to watch more of the very industry we as shooters are invested escape the states in which we live. Living in those states gives us a vested interest in their affairs. Driving away jobs, innovation, and state money gained through taxes is not beneficial to anyone except for the open-armed state the gun company is moving to.  As the “gun culture” of the losing states continues to decline and go silent, compliantly hiding, the gaining states continue to celebrate and safeguard the 2nd Amendment.  With companies on the move, so are the people that support them. People are moving out of certain states not because they work in the gun industry, but because they are sick of not being able to enjoy their firearm rights.

Think about it. People packing up and moving just so they can live free of fear.  For those that carry concealed for self defense, there is the very real possibility of crossing an imaginary line on a map and going from being a lawful, productive, good citizen to being a lawbreaker convicted of a firearms crime (even a felony). Just by taking a step across the state line. If you are tired of being victimized, being stripped of your entitlements as a citizen of the United States and your unarguable natural right to self defense, what do you do?  We vote, we get active in changing the downward spiral, or we simply leave.  If things continue to go down the path that they are currently on, it won’t just be companies leaving the gun hating states, it may very well be people en masse.  Imagine a whole new exodus of citizens leaving their homes and established lives just to be able to be free, like refugees in their own country. The Bill of Rights and Constitution are being slowly dismantled.  It’s foolish to think that we can all do this, to pick up and seek refuge in the south and Midwest, and genuinely effect change.

That’s the way it seems to be going though, as those without the guns demonize those that do.  If you do choose to move, we recommend you do so soon.  Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming and a few others will all have one hell of a citizenship test someday. The bright side, is if you pass it, you will get to live there in the same way Americans used to.

Meanwhile enjoy the theme song of “Moms Demand Action for gun sense in America.” It’s a earnest, snappy tune of wishful, wistful fuckery guaranteed to change the world and make us all feel better.

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2 thoughts on “Beretta joins the list of Gun companies on the move… but is exodus the answer?

  • August 30, 2014 at 5:33 pm

    Found this article on accident after reading the amazing “War Crimes, Hard Choices” and I am shocked that this web site allows such drivel to be posted. Do they even have a review process?

  • August 26, 2014 at 1:42 pm

    I love arguing semantics with those who have ideologically flawed dispositions. “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” is a as simple as you can make it. If you have simplified something, such as this, to it’s base components and the audience whom you’ve simplified this for doesn’t understand; then, there is something cognitively wrong with the individuals you are trying to enlighten.. At that point it becomes a useless endeavor. It really does become frustrating, dealing with individuals who are in their 20’s + but have the reasoning capacity of a 5 year old. The moments that I love arguing semantics is when an individual has enough capacity to understand that their disposition is flawed and to continue to endorse it would be ignorant. Then it goes from the issue of firearms to the persons intelligence. Those with sufficient cognitive skills realize this and recant while the others end up becoming more ignorant.


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