Benchmade Gold Class 485-171 Valet

We have some knifely news for you today about JTF Awesome member Benchmade Knives.

Benchmade’s Gold Class 485-171 Valet Knife

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Benchmade produces a lot of knives, and we really do mean a lot. Sometimes the quantity in itself can be a bit overwhelming. It makes it hard to choose — we get that. Knowing which knife works for you task-wise (and within your financial lateral limits) can be a big deal. Because of this, we’re going to start from the top down and discus sone of Benchmade’s newest in their knife collection—the 485-171 Valet. You can decide from there if you think it’ll suit you.

Starting with some of the basics, theBenchmade Gold Class 485-171 Valet nomenclature includes:

Mechanism: AXIS

Action: Manual-opening

Blade Steel: Ladder pattern Damasteel (58-60 HRC)

Blade Length: 2.96 in. (7.52cm)

Blade Thickness: 0.100 in. (2.54mm)

Overall Length: 6.69 in. (16.99cm)

Handle Thickness: 0.47 in. (11.94mm)

Weight: 2.82oz. (79.95g)

Valet, categorized by Benchmade as a Gold Class knife, a class of knives they describe as being made with a rare combination of materials, design and artistry. They also tell us this category of knife is so fine; it’s hard to come by.

485-171 Valet Features include:

Blade Edge: Plain

Blade Finish/Color: Damasteel

Blade Style/Shape: Drop-point

Clip Type: Deep-Carry

Clip Position: Reversible Tip-Up

Glass Breaker: No

Handle Material: Titanium

Lanyard Hole: No

MOLLE Compatible: No

Sheath Type: No Sheath

Use: Every Day

Now, if these features or classification of the Valet don’t sway you, it’s possible the $700.00 price Benchmade put on the product will. That’s a serious price for a knife, though in fairness it’s a pretty damn serious knife.

If you make this purchase, do us a favor; let us know if it’s worth it.

Meanwhile, feel free to check out some of there other products here or follow them on Facebook here.

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