BE Meyers & Co: Forty Years of F*c&!ng Photonic Badassery

Yesterday we talked about Ko-Tac and M-LOK. Today we’ll discuss a little place we call BE Meyers & Co. We call them that because that’s their name.

BE Meyers is based out of Seattle. They’re described as “advanced photonics specialists”, which sounds like something from a Buck Rogers episode (mmmm, Colonel Deering) but actually has to do with lasers. If you’ve ever brought down the hate with an IZLID, or had your ass saved by some hotshot doing a gun run spilling brass by the bucketful from overhead, then you’ve had an encounter with BE Meyers & Co.

Mr. Brad Meyers, his wife, son, and crew do some badass work increasing the lethality of all of us on the sharp end, and Matt (the founder’s son) is an infantry officer combat veteran who graduated VMI. These fuckin’ guys do great work and perhaps more importantly they’re good human beings. We’re happy to wish ’em a happy birthday (or happy anniversary, or whatever the proper term is).

In their own words:

“B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc. is a developer, manufacturer and systems integrator of optoelectronic and related products used for defense, security and law enforcement applications. The company’s core competencies include targeting and illumination systems; weapon-mounted, hand-held and integrated lasers; non-lethal lasers; night vision and surveillance systems; and other weapon accessories.”

Learn more here:

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Mad Duo, Breach-Bang& CLEAR!

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