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ALCON: Just a quick heads up, the BDS Tactical Super Admin Pouch is on sale for 20%, but not for much longer. It normally retails for $55, currently on sale for $44.  The Super Admin Pouch is well designed and commodious (grunts: commodious). It’s available in Coy, Black, OK, Ranger Green, Vomitrocious (Air Force Power Ranger ABU tiger stripe), MultiCam, A-TACS AU, etc. It’s a zippered general purpose modular pouch ideal for a your general administrative needs (hence the name). Main zippered compartment is 8″x6″x2.5″, with an 8″x5″ flat pocket and an additional two 4″x4.5″ flat pockets.

Across the front of the flat pockets they’ve run an elastic band to secure additional items and they’ve included a D-ring so you can dummy-cord it (which you should do, dumbass – having lost an issued Garmin Rhino and his prized autographed picture of BBW Honey once, Slim can testify to the importance of that). Away from the body there are a pair of 5″x4″x1″ pockets for additional storage, and the front features a general purpose pouch for multi-tools, extra pistol mags, a light, your wank sock, whatever. Lid and bottom of the pouch can be adjusted with hook and loop for a solid fit, and the g/p pouch is additionally secured with elastic across the front.

Beside the g/p pouch is a 5″x5″ flat pocket with hook & loop fastening lid that also features a strip of loop fastener for ID and morale patches. Attached to the flat pocket there is a pulldown ID carrier with a clear window (this can be stowed away by fastening it to the loop on the flat pocket). The bottom is fitted with two elastic bands for carrying chem lights, individually wrapped cigars or small battery operated personal massagers.

Here are a couple images of it in action overseas, followed by a thorough video overview if you want a better look at it.


That link again is: BDS Tactical Super Admin Pouch.

Mad Duo, Breach-Bang-CLEAR!


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