Banging Blade Show 2017 – Ongoing Coverage

Blade Show 2017 is upon us. It’s the largest knife show in the world, or so the hosts say. Since we’re American, we choose not to dispute or even investigate that claim.

Coverage of Blade Show 2017 brought to you by Steel Flame jewelry.

Damn near every knife manufacturer will be there, including the bestest and greatest and most talented blade-ish individuals and craftsmen in the United States. Which means the world (just ask us, we’ll tell ya). That place is going to be filled with dudes like Derrick Obatake, Ernest Emerson (or perhaps his stunning and badass daughter), Greg Medford, Bill Coye, Jake Hoback, Rick Hinderer, Duane Dwyer, Sheila Dwyer, Jack Stottlemire, Darrel Ralph, and many others.

Unlike our personal, ahem, “equipment”, the list is long.

If you’re anywhere near Atlanta, do yourself a favor. Head to the Blade Show.

Also, if anyone there sees Jake Hoback, tell him we want our underwear back. You might also let him know if he doesn’t return our e-mail we’re going to show everyone the pictures of him and the Buff Orpington twins.

Now, on to the show.

Derrick Obatake and the Steel Flame team work with the best blade craftsmen in the business.

Grunts: Buff Orpington.

Cover photo from Steel FlameMarsh Custom Knives, and Griffon Industries.


Banging Blade Show 2017 – Ongoing Coverage

Now, live from the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta…

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See the previous coverage here.

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One thought on “Banging Blade Show 2017 – Ongoing Coverage

  • June 9, 2017 at 11:37 pm

    Hurts my feelings that I missed this year but a buddy went and bought me a tactical Kabar spork as a gift( I think he’s afraid to leave me alone with sharp or shiny objects).

    I’d like to meet y’all fucks and give ya a good shit kicking then go to Das Biergarten for brews and good eats. Or net time you’re in Atlanta hit up the Fighting 56th restaurant.


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