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JTF Awesome Team Member American Defense MFG (ADM) has partnered with Special Operations Care Fund (SOC-F) and the Deadbird Society (DBS) to release a custom American Defense MFG UIC MOD 2, in order to raise over 65,000.00 for SOC-F. This limited release will consist of 50 rifles and 50 receiver set/rail combos in grey. Each receiver has the SOC-F and DBS logos meticulously milled into it along with exclusive serial numbers. ADM MFG will donate 500.00 for every rifle and 300.00 for every upper/lower/rail set sold.

Here are the Specs on the ADM UIC MOD2 rifle:

14.5 Criterion Barrel 1/8 .223 Wylde Chamber

Battle Comp 1.5 Pin & Welded

American Defense MFG Billet Upper Receiver with 13.5 MLOK Rail

American Defense MFG Completely Ambidextrous Billet Lower Receiver

American Defense MFG 13.5 MLOK rail

Radian Talon Ambidextrous Safety

Bravo Company USA MOD 4 Ambidextrous Charging Handle

Geissele G2S Trigger

Included Accessories:

Magpul PMag


Raven Concealment Top Stop

Magpul MBus PRO flip up sight set

Arc’teryx Rho Beanie with matching serial number embroidered

Deadbird Society Limited Edition Patch by Spartan Village with matching serial number laser cut


Here are the details of the Upper/Lower/Rail Set so you can DIY:

American Defense MFG Billet Upper Receiver – Forward assist and ejection port door installed

American Defense MFG 13.5 MLOK Rail with appropriate hardware

American Defense MFG Completely Ambidextrous Billet Lower Receiver – ambidextrous controls (installed) and takedown pins

Arc’teryx Rho Beanie with matching serial number embroidered

Deadbird Society Limited Edition Patch by Spartan Village with matching serial number laser cut


For more information on the rifle, click here. For the upper/lower/rail set, check out this link.

About Special Operations Care Fund (SOC-F):

The Special Operations Care Fund (SOCF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit, 100% volunteer, charitable organization that generates funds for the families of wounded or killed Special Operations Forces (SOF).

Our mission is to “fill in the gaps” of the care of the Special Operations Forces (SOF) community. We raise money via events and unique engagements; linking donors, industry, and SOF end users together. Funds generated from the events support Brain Injury Treatment not covered by Tri-care or the VA, SOF Gold Star Kids Camps, SOF Marriage counseling, and emergency needs as they arise. Once we have covered out internally funded initiatives, we donate like-run charitable organizations that support the Special Operations Community.

We are average American’s who care deeply about the Special Operations Community, and we created SOC-F to make a difference in the lives of the families of those who have given so much.


About Deadbird Society:

Deadbird Society began in 2014 as a place for a few friends to come together online to share a love of the outdoors, gear, and all things Arc’teryx.  It has grown rapidly as more and more people join to share their passion for the brand and the lifestyle.  In two short years, Deadbird Society is about to surpass 3,000 members and has grown amongst the online gear communities as the preeminent place to learn more about Arc’teryx, but to also buy, sell, and trade gear amongst like-minded individuals.  Many Arc’teryx employees, from retail stores to corporate (both commercial and LEAF), have become members and often share product knowledge and insight, as well as offer a peek behind the curtain at upcoming product lines.

Deadbird Society is also deeply involved with Special Operations Care Fund (SOC-F), and for the past two years has actively participated with various fundraising projects (patches, shirts, challenge coins, raffles, and auctions) to donate directly to SOC-F and support the families of our special operations community.  DBS has partnered with Arc’teryx and numerous other companies to raffle and auction items… but more importantly, raise awareness for SOC-F and the work they do.

About American Defense MFG:

American Defense Manufacturing LLC was founded with an idea and a lot of hard work. What followed was the QD Auto-lock that has become the standard for QD mounting hardware. All ADM products are 100% designed and built in America.

All of our products are designed by shooters with one goal in mind – quality.

Moving forward, we have evolved into a premier manufacturer of AR-15’s that we consider “The Gentleman’s Work Gun.” With a high level of attention to detail, an eye for style, but a demand for performance, our UIC line of rifles are serious tools for serious people.



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