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ATEi refuses FedEx packages henceforth — why? Because FedEx has their head up their ass. As we’ll explain. Breach-Bang-Clear

ATEi Guns - Get Dougified by Doug Holloway
Some news for ya today from the clangorous depths of the workshop at ATEi | Get Dougified!


If ATEi Turns Away A Customer Package, They’ll Replace It With A UPS Call Tag at No Cost

Let it be known, the good folks over at ATEi have announced they will no longer be accepting any packages from FedEx. If they happen to refuse a customer’s package, they have requested that you call them and ATEi will provide a UPS call tag at no cost to the customer.

I reached out to Doug to see what spurred the move to turn all FedEx packages away, he said: “The belief that these companies have that the second amendment is about hunting is a complete bastardization of the intent of the second amendment.” Doug went on to say “It’s about time we start standing up against these companies even if it hurts a little bit.”

Personally, I applaud a company that is willing to stand firm in what they believe regardless of the material costs to them. You have to admit, finding companies with that sort of fortitude in this day in age is far from common.

Doug has been building slides for serious shooters that value function before form since early 2010 when they partnered with Steve Fisher of Sentinal Concepts to develop the top slide serrations for single hand manipulations. Many, many shooters have had their blasters Dougified since then!


ATEi refuses FedEx deliveries.
When you see cranial-rectal inversion at a corporate level it’s usually bad.



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