PSA: Primalware Arrow Cards

Most of you that have been following us for a while know we are are the type of dudes who think worst case scenario all the time. Failing to plan is planning to fail. That’s why we are always on the hunt for anything that will give us an edge, no matter how small. Recently we ran across a pretty cool piece of survival/ E&E gear. Called the “Arrow Card,” the simple mild steel sheet from Primalware contains several broad head arrow tips in waiting.

Primalware offers several different styles of cards; they can be purchased and used to stock your survival kit based off the needs of your game. The cards come in two primary sizes, “BCB hinged tin” and the more common Altoid type tin size.  Its our understanding that the “BCB” size is slightly larger, like the SAS survival kit tins. The simple idea was big enough to secure a patent, and currently these cards are being sold by   (however they are also being produced and sold in Europe by www.bushcraft-essentials.)  The arrow heads follow the theme of two styles, a modernized “paleo” style (hey, it worked well enough for a few thousand years) and a stylized Anglo-Saxon type with swept barbs.

They allso make a version called the “surf N’ turf” that contains four small paleo heads, a barbed spear point and two harpoon shaped fish/ frog gigging heads. All these together provide a good selection of arrow heads for your intended array of quarry.  They have packed as many features into these cards as possible, using the outside edges of the card, several models feature a chisel ground cutting blades and saw edges.

They also make one that can be lashed to a stick and used as a tomahawk.   The great thing about these cards is their simplicity. If carried in a survival kit or even your wallet, you are giving yourself an ageless form of food gathering and defense for mere ounces.    You could use the saw and blade on the card to cut and fashion your bow. Using parachute cord, or your boot laces you can make your bow string. Better yet, replace your bootlaces with 550 cord. Using the guts of the paracord, you can lash your arrow heads to the arrow shafts (before doing so, you would use a smooth river stone to hone a sharper edge on the arrow blade). Braid three of the inner strands for a strong, thin bow line and use the outer tube to retie your boots.  Using feathers or tape you can make effective fletching for your arrows.

Obviously it would be prudent to read up on bow and arrow making ahead of time, and actually practice both construction and marksmanship before you need it in a real world situation.

Oh, and lastly these dudes make one last product we think is pretty cool. They make a dogtag version! Named the PAGOS dogtag,  it follows the same exact size of a standard issue dog tag. The Pagos has a sharp cutting edge on one side, and a saw blade on the other.

Wrapped with a standard rubber dog tag “silencer”, you can wear it alone or with your issued dog tags. Just don’t try to wear it onto a plane, TSA would probably shit bricks. All in all these things seem pretty cool, and we plan on picking some up to investigate more thoroughly. If you are a survival junkie, someone that carries an E&E kit, or you simply like bushcraft, check it out.  For more information email Erica at ericag(at) as these guys are still a fairly small operation.

Mad Duo, Breach-Bang & CLEAR!


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