Backwoods Black Magic? Armageddon Gear’s RailChanger is Here

You’re dubious. We get that, but…

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Armageddon Gear (and its boss redneck HMFIC) just released something the precision shooting types will probably soon learn to need.

Note: image above courtesy of Area 419, a part of the RailChanger project. 

It’s called the RailChanger. It’s a specific product for a specific need, but initial responses have been overwhelmingly positive.

Armageddon Gear, which is run by a retired Ranger Regiment and AMU SNCO*, tells us the following:

“When the Game Changer hit the market in 2016 it changed the way we shoot. Recently, ARCA has begun to make big waves as well. It was time to marry them, and this is the way we think it was meant to be done.

The RailChanger package allows for the use of a Pint-Sized Game Changer with full bag contact against the width of the bottom of the rifle in a secure and adjustable fashion. It can be used in its standard upright position or on its side with this system. The Game Changer bags that come with this system are custom, and feature extra high-strength, laser cut fabric to capture the arm that we created. The arm can also be removed for normal use of the Game Changer.”

If you must occasionally shoot off of barricades, vehicles, or from certain unusual positions, you will, Armageddon Gear is confident, find this kit beneficial – particularly if you’re shooting competitively.

The Game Changer Kit includes:

⊕ Game Changer Pint Size Support Bag


Area 419 Rail Changer Arm

Scroll forward to the 2-minute mark if you want to get right to Armageddon Gear.

*Tom Fuller was a Sergeant Major with the Ranger Regiment and the Battalion Sergeant Major for the Army Marksmanship Unit. He also served at JRTC, with the 82nd Airborne, and 2ID. He founded Armageddon Gear after more than 20 years in uniform and continues to compete in the most grueling sniper events he can find.

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