Another look at the C’est L’Afrique patches

Been operating in the Sahel but now headed to the Maghreb? Maybe you just want a morale patch to commemorate your time in one the most strife-torn, bloody but resource-rich places in the world? Check out a couple more pics of the C’est L’Afrique patch. Oh, and for the asshats who cried foul at some previous message traffic on Facebook – we call it the “Dark Continent” because that’s its nickname, and that’s it’s nickname for good reason. It has fuck-all to do with anyone’s skin color (or religious affiliation, blood type, hairstyle, degree of pronation vs. supination, sexual preference or anything else). If you haven’t figured it out by now, we are bigots, but it’s you fucktards and incorrigibly outspoken, uninformed self-righteous professional protesters we hate (looking at you Michael Moore, Jehmu Greene and Rachel Maddow)…and sadly, as we all know, those IOUSRPPs (to use the convenient acronym) come in every race, color and creed. (Note, grunts: incorrigible.) We’re okay with you never having read Henry Stanley’s work, but if you’re one of the pissy, politically correct few who think we used the term as a pejorative (grunts: pejorative) then you’ll need to find some other bad ass action figure pundits to follow because you’re clearly in the wrong damn place…in fact, you might consider a blood test to see if you’re a hippie, sissy or just too think-skinned.

That is all. Here are the patches.

Buy yours here:


Mad Duo, Breach-Bang-CLEAR!

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