ADS Inc Joins JTF Awesome

ADS Inc Joins JTF Awesome

We’re thrilled to announce the addition of ADS, Inc. to JTF Awesome. If you’ve served in the military, ADS very well may have impacted your ability to do your job. ADS is one of the top procurement solution companies for the military and first responders. On the surface, ADS appears to be a company that works as a middleman, but there’s so much more than meets the eye.

ADS is a problem solving company. Comprised of over 360 employees, ADS identifies customer needs and creates product-based solutions.


With over 335 long-standing business relationships, ADS can provide fulfillment for almost any requirement. In addition to fulfilling customer needs, ADS actively creates research-driven content. This content assists in various ways, from energy-saving initiatives to safety solutions. Meaning, they help save money and lives with actual, real world based studies.

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Learn more about ADS and how they can help you:

Check out some of their research-based content:

Active Shooter Impact on Law Enforcement Response Training & Preparedness

Think LEDs are More Expensive? Military Consumer Behavior Says, “Think Again.”

Case Study: BERG Purpose-Built Shelter Systems Decrease Spend and Increase Mission Readiness

But of course there’s more: ADS organizes and arranges the Warrior Expo on both coasts of our nation–we will have a breakdown of what to expect here in the near future.


So raise a glass in salute! And look forward to what we’re going to bring you from them in the future.

-Mad Duo

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