A Different Take on Remembering 9/11

We were trying to think of how to express what we think, which is of course what our handlers think…then we read what SFC (R) Schlitz wrote. SFC Schlitz is an example of stoicism and determination that dwarfs anything we’ve ever been forced to display, or could. He is a warrior poet, in the sense that he is able to express things that otherwise defy description. We’ll quote him here:

Today I won’t be posting what the World Trade Centers use to look like, What it looked like during the Attack, or even what the aftermath brought. I don’t need to. That day will be forever burned into my memory just like so many other Americans. Instead I will force myself to recall every minute of that horrible day. Where I was, who I was with, and what we were doing when we got the news and saw for ourselves on the TV. I will say a little prayer for those who where lost that day, I will say a little prayers for everyone who was changed that day, and I will say a little prayer for everyone we lost fighting since that day. But I won’t be Sad for I am a better person and American because of each of those lost lives. I won’t be Scared because I was one of the chosen ones to fight and face the enemies of our country and I’m here to talk about it. I will Remember and I will Never Forget the cost. I am a proud of my Brothers and Sisters in Arms, Police Officers, Firemen, EMT’s, First Responders, Volunteers, Supporters, and my fellow Countrymen because no matter where you are or what you do you’re still an American. God Bless each of you, God Bless our Deployed Service Members, and God Bless America.

I Remember

SFC (R) Michael Schlitz
US Army

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