Who Wants to Get in Eric Graves' Pants?

We read Soldier Systems Daily, daily (as do most of our peer group). The HMFIC over there just posted a quick article about his preferred belt. We mention it here for two reasons. One, a couple of our groveling flunkies wear the same belt. Two, if you have any desire to get his pants down (and we don’t care to speculate why, since we’re suitably intimidated by Tactical Mama and you should be too) then you will need to figure out how to defeat this particular belt.

“I use the Arc’teryx Conveyor Belt to keep my pants up. The Conveyor Belt features an aluminum buckle and texturized nylon webbing with colored stitch details. Nothing super fancy here guys, it isn’t a gun belt but it does look good with my pants,” says SSD Editor Eric Graves. “Offered in Black and Nubian Brown in Medium or Large. You’ll need to do a web search to find these as availability is somewhat fragmented based on color and size.”

Slow news day for the Mad Duo you ask? Possibly. Or maybe we just started drinking before lunch because of the ongoing lunacy being spewed like bile from misguided and misinformed Democrats in the Colorado House. Be forewarned; if you watch it, it might make you puke.

Now something, more cheerful: http://soldiersystems.net/2013/02/15/this-is-how-i-keep-my-pants-up/

Lastly, we should mention that Soldier Systems Daily frequently runs great information on the ongoing Second Amendment debate and what the Mad Duo believes are vile attacks on the liberties of a responsible US citizenry. You should keep an eye on that page if you’re not already doing so.


Mad Duo, Breach-Bang-CLEAR!

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