4 Jumps to Flying Fish – Help us establish comms with Tattersall

Spc Tattersall Airborne Fish paratrooper 1

Spc Tattersall Airborne Fish paratrooper 3If you know or can establish comms with Spc. Matthew Tattersall, 2nd BN 505TH Infantry (82ND Airborne), please tell him the Mad Duo’s minions want to talk to him. He can contact us at BreachBangClear(at)gmail.com, or go direct with our editorial staff at any of these: Merrill(at)BreachBangClear.com, Chris(at)BreachBangClear.com or Reeder(at)BreachBangClear.com.

Get it done for us boys. Share the post, put the word out!

Spc Tattersall Airborne Fish paratrooper 2

We want to talk to him, we want to send him something to show him our regard and we want a copy of that essay he wrote (he had to write an essay as a part of his Article 15 proceedings after jumping from a C-17 with his pet Siamese fighting fish.

Do You Even Liberty 4

Here’s why we like him: http://www.armytimes.com/story/military/2015/04/28/jumping-paratrooper-fish-selfie-update/26536155/

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