3 Reasons to Shop Smart! (Shop S-Mart)

FYSA ALCON BOLO1 — we set up a “specials, sales, discounts, giveaways, and contests” photo album on the Breach-Bang-Clear page. Why? “Tactical shopping” can be a pain in the ass (and damned expensive). Right now we’re just calling it S-Mart, for reasons you’ll already know if you cheered Ash to victory over the Army of Darkness, but that will likely change with your input. 

We were gonna name the album/collection after this gal, but we don’t know who she is. 

Sexy woman shopping - maybe not the best choice of clothes for concealed carry.
We feel like this outfit might not be the best option for AIWB/Appendix Carry. But we absolutely support this type of sartorial shopping choice.

Anyway, we’ll eventually rename it with your help. 

So, the plan is, whenever we see news of good deals or gear/service purchasing opportunities, we’ll throw an image in there with a link to the sale or site.

Not this kind of service, mind you. 

Tactical services and professional tactical instruction - this ain't it.
Be serious, chuckleheads. We’re talking MDFI, Dark Angel Medical, Badmoon Armory, and the like.

Good gear costs money, and money can be hard to come by. If you’re gonna spend it, you need to spend it smart.

Shop smart - tactical discounts abound!
Some of us are just naturally better at shopping than others – this guy has low profile down pat

Here are 3 reasons to Shop Smart and shop S-Mart!

  1. Fathers Day sales all over the damn place.

  2. Several specials on knives of all types from various sources.

  3. Contests you might wanna get in on (all linked here, though the damn thing only works sometimes).

There’s not a lot in there, but we’ll fix that. Priority goes to members of JTF Awesome, then to stuff we just think you might be interested in. There are also some we have an affiliate relationship with (so we make a pittance of a commission when you buy). 

Shop Smart Shop S Mart

Grunts: pittance.

Check it out. See what you think. Tell us what we can do better in the comments in this thread

After all, shopping can be quite entertaining, done properly.

Pay attention while shopping - sexy women shopping

1 — These are all the acronyms we could think of to put here. We’re open to suggestions for increased ridiculosity. 

**BTW!** This Big Daddy Unlimited thing is the real deal. Maybe not the tacticoolest name, but they have over 120,000 products available at dealer pricing if you know the secret handshake. Check ’em out, no shit. 


Big Daddy Unlimited Gun Buyers Club
Buy your blaster at distributor cost – use what you save for bullets and training.

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