2VA’s new .308 AR-10

Monderno reported yesterday that 2 Vets Arms finally launched their AR-10 – we’ll link the Monderno story instead of writing our own because the 2 Vets Arms HMFIC is a 6-fingered mongoloid m-f-er who failed to tell us about it.

The new rifle features an ambi side-charging system and safety selector, single stage 3.5 Ultra Match trigger and an 18″ full fluted 416R stainless match grad barrel with black nitride finish – and it weighs less than 8lbs.

Like Dean’s mouth, it sure is purty.

You can read our vile competition’s post about it and get more details here. 2VA SPR AR-10

Joint Task Force Awesome – Bravo Team

We’ll cruise down to their HQ and get you some behind the scenes pics next week if all goes well.

Note to 2VA-6A; we were making fun of the man in charge, not the woman who knows what’s going on. Please don’t take offense.

2VA SPR AR-10-2

Mad Duo Over


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