43 Things You Want: the 2018 Danger Zone Fundraiser is LIVE

Brought to you today on behalf of the Brian A Terry Foundation in part by ATEi.

43 Things You Want: 2018 Danger Zone Brian Terry Foundation Fundraiser is LIVE

Online Charity Auction to Support the Brian Terry Foundation Enters 3RD Year

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Forty-three things you’re gonna want are now up for bid in support of the Brian Terry Foundation, courtesy of the 2018 Danger Zone Charity Fundraiser. Thyrm, ATEi, Hill People Gear, Benchmade Knives, Dark Angel Medical, Inforce and dozens of other companies have contributed.

It has been seven years since USBP Brian Terry was murdered on the US-Mexico international border by criminals armed with weapons supplied by his own government in the failed FAST AND FURIOUS operation.

The Brian A Terry Foundation was founded in Terry’s memory. He was a former Marine, then a small-town cop, then a US Border Patrol agent. He was a member of the USBP’s esteemed BORTAC unit. He was the epitome of a patriot and someone looking to make the world a better place.

Since he was killed, only foreign actors involved in the murder have been brought to trial and convicted. Not a single member of the government have been held accountable for their role in events that armed narco-terror groups and cost countless lives. Brian’s family continues their quest for answers today with the Brian A Terry Foundation, while working ceaselessly to ensure his legacy goes unforgotten and undiminished. The 100% volunteer organization fights for answers, offers scholarships to young people seeking to become law enforcement officers, and provide assistance to the survivors of fallen USBP agents.

Taking part in this auction will help support that foundation. It begins now. You have until the 25th of this month to bid. Previous auctions have, to day, raised over $100,000.

The link for that auction again: https://goo.gl/M1KZcx.

Find a complete list of items up for grabs here:

2018 DZ Auction for Distro

We are reliably informed this list will grow in the coming days.

Brought to you today in part by Firelance Media: Extraordinary Content.

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Breach Bang Clear is the warrior scholar's choice for commentary and analysis of national and international events, gun news, tactical industry news, and of course gear reviews.
The warrior scholar’s choice for analysis of national and international events, gun news, updates from the tactical community, and gear reviews.

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2 thoughts on “43 Things You Want: the 2018 Danger Zone Fundraiser is LIVE

  • January 11, 2018 at 8:53 pm

    It was a very bad day and a serious tragedy caused by the flawed ideologies of the then administration as well as agency heads. Not too long ago we lost an agent from ‘rocking’ – something the prior administration had said was not a justification for any use of force, leading to their puppet Commissioner changing the policy.

    Rest easy Brian, we’ve got the handle on things down here.

  • January 11, 2018 at 6:59 pm

    Good shit. I needed an excuse to buy another benchmade.


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