The 2 Stroke Smoke Scented Candle

2 Stroke Smoke scented candles – aromatherapy for the meditating mechanic. Breach-Bang-Clear

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The 2 Stroke Smoke Scented Candle

News Desk, via Silodrome Gasoline Culture

Flying Tiger Moto has created an “aromatherapy” candle for the grease-knuckled motorhead who wants to bring his favorite outdoor/garage aroma inside. These candles are handmade with genuine Klotz R-50 race oil that’s been boosted with a high-octane fragrance to deliver the distinct two-stroke smoke scent. The chemistry in the candles is precise, and won’t fill the home with toxic smoke. They’re made in St. Louis Missouri and can be shipped around the world.

Silodrome Gasoline Culture recently wrote a little bit about ’em. Here’s a quick excerpt:

“It’s a smell that many of us associate with weekends, holidays, and racing – the faint, blue-tinged smoke often pouring out the back of an outboard motor, a lawn mower, a dirt bike, or a go kart.”

Silodrome Gasoline Culture is advising Flying Tiger Motorcycles has released "2 Stroke Smoke" scented candles for the grease-monkey, wrench-turners, and motorheads of the world.
Flying Tiger Motorcycles has released a “2 Stroke Smoke” scented candle. Hat tip/Silodorome Gasoline Culture.

If you like wrenching, or grew up wrenching, this aromatic experience is sure to resurrect fond memories. You can find them at Flying Tiger Motorcycles. Read the rest Silodrome’s article here:

2 Stroke Scented Candle | Silodrome 

Silodrome is an ezine about the “gasoline culture.” They discuss everything from cars and boats to motor-centric films and driver apparel. Their mission, as they describe it, is to “…bring class, style and intelligence to the field of automotive and motorcycle media. We write about fascinating gasoline powered vehicles from both history and the modern day, we also write about gear, gadgets, clothing and anything else that fits into the Gasoline Culture genre.”

Says Silodrome,

“Silodrome is a website dedicated to Gasoline Culture and all it entails – We write about modern cars, classic cars, motorcycles, racing, gear, gadgets, clothing, boats, planes, airships and the occasional submarine. Silodrome is updated daily and all new stories are posted to this Facebook Page the same day they’re published on the main website.”

Connect with them on Facebook, /SiloDrome/.

2 Stroke Smoke oil scented candles are aromatherapy for wrench-turners and motor heads of all kinds.

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