Visit GEMTECH – Maybe Get a Crotch Shot | NRAAM 2018

We asked for some pictures of what GEMTECH had going on at NRAAM 2018, we got a good look at someone’s…nicely gusseted trousers.

GEMTECH: World Class Silencers
This article brought to you today thanks to the support of GEMTECH (@gemtechsuppressors) – World Class Silencers.

GEMTECH is exhibiting at the NRA’s annual convention in Dallas right now, as you read this, so you still have a few hours to get by there and say hello. You’ll get a chance to finger bang some great suppressors, including their GM-22 on the new TC Arms Co. TCR 22. Hell, maybe you’ll get even luckier than that ♚.

GEMTECH Suppressors at NRAAM 2018

Here’s where to find ’em!

Brought to you today thanks to the support of GEMTECH (Instagram symbol free icon @gemtechsuppressors), a member of JTF Awesome.
Brought to you by GEMTECH (👍/gemtechsilencer/): World Class Silencers.

Breach-Bang & CLEAR!

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