VIP Protection and Varying Cover | UF Pro’s Guide to Tactical Shooting

We never get tired of the term Violence of Action – here’s the first installment of the UF Pro Pro’s Guide to Tactical Shooting. Check it out.

This is The Pro’s Guide to Tactical Shooting: VIP Security and Varying Cover. Kind of cool that they use a VTAC barricade isn’t it?

You’ll note this is a 2 man drill. Obviously there would be differences if the PSD was larger, but the fundamentals remain the same.

Pros Guide to Tactical Shooting: VIP Protecion and Varying Cover

Key takeaways as they identify them:

Find appropriate cover and respond to the threat.

1. Communication between team members is crucial.

2. Evacuate the VIP from the vehicle as soon as possible, get to appropriate cover (point of domination), and protect from all angles.

3. Remain at the point of domination until backup arrives.

Remember, some of this will be modified slightly to allow for filming (as they advise early in the video). Still, we’d love to discuss. Let’s hear what you think. UF Pro is online here; you can find the entire video series here:

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