2 Man Tactics – React to Ambush | The Pro’s Guide to Tactical Shooting

Here’s another chance to talk tactics! This is UF Pro’s Guide to Tactical Shooting: 2 Man Tactics React to Ambush. Take a watch, let us know what you think.
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About this time last month we told you about the new video series from UFPro: The Pro’s Guide to Tactical Shooting, and then a couple weeks back we showed you Part I of the series – VIP Security and Varying Cover. Well, Part II is out. This one discusses how to react when you and a teammate are ambushed.

UF PRO describes the video thusly,

“In this scenario, you’ll learn how to react when ambushed and how you and a teammate can work your way out of it.”

UF Pro 2 Man Team Tactics Reach to Ambush

The key takeaways as UF Pro define them are:

  1. Engage the enemy by executing a “peel” manoeuvre while simultaneously manoeuvring out of harm’s way.
  2. Never manoeuvre beyond the point where you lose the ability to protect your teammate and sustain a fusillade (safety, steady rate of fire, and distance travelled are equally important).
  3. Always keep your rifle at a “high-ready” position while you’re on the move.
  4. Maintain clear communication with your teammate at all times (even while behind cover)—crucially important.

UF Pro 2 Man Team Tactics Reach to Ambush

Grunts: manoeuvre (remember, they’re using Commonwealth English).

Here’s the video.


UF Pro 2 Man Team Tactics - move in a peel during ambush

Stay tuned for more. UF Pro is online here; you can find the entire video series here: https://ufpro.com/tactical_shooting/.


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UF Pro News

UF Pro News

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