The Truth About Fairy Tales

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These have been floating around the interwebz lately. We can’t take credit for them, not sure where they came from, don’t even find all of them funny (though anyone who has deployed to the Philippines will be familiar with at least one).  Still, there’s a harsh kernel of truth to all of them. This isn’t an in-depth op-ed or one of our deeply meaningful pontifications. We just thought it was a (little) funny. And besides — it gave us an excuse to post pictures of hawt cosplay chicks with great bewbs.

Like Princess Jasmine you see above, or this incarnation of Elsa:

 Elsa by Jessica Nigri — she’s smokin’ by any standards, but she also makes a bunch of her own mind-blowing costumes. Plus, bewbs.


Here, in no particular order, is

The Truth About Fairy Tales

The Truth About Fairy Tales 1
Fairy Tales



The Truth About Fairy Tales 4
Fairy Tales


Nice Little Mermaid. Needs moar cleavage.
The Truth About Fairy Tales 2
Fairy Tales
The Truth About Fairy Tales 3
Fairy Tales
The Truth About Fairy Tales 5
Fairy Tales
We’re not sure who this chick is, or who she’s supposed to be, but we approve. [Edit: this is Princess Peach. We still don’t know who the hell that is, but the girl is Liz Katz.]
The Truth About Fairy Tales 7
Fairy Tales

Okay. Some of you would like something a little more like what you watch like deployed when it comes to your Disney. How about Samantha Saint (@samantha_saint – she’s pro-military) as Cinderella?

Samantha Saint as Cinderella
Samantha Saint as Cinderella


The Truth About Fairy Tales 6
Fairy Tales

There you have it. And now another look at Jasmine. Why? It’s our site. You don’t like who we think is hawt, go start your own.


You guys probably have some ideas about the truth of fairy tales — let’s hear it.

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  • June 26, 2016 at 5:39 pm

    Liz Katz was a former porn star. Google Risi Simms. You’re welcome.

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