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Brought to you today in its entirety by SureFire (@surefire_llc) – and all. those. lumens.

In this episode of SureFire Field Notes, Johan Lara of Strat & J Concept discusses the importance of proper low light tactics and how to use darkness as concealment. Take a watch.


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SureFire advises,

Founded by Julien Le Roux, J. Vermeersch, and Johan Lara, Strat&J Concept is a French company dedicated to military, law enforcement and private security training. Strat&J Concept’s instructors are former Special Forces and Law enforcement counter-terrorist operators, with decades of combined real-world experience in hostile environments all around the world and solid backgrounds in training developments.

SureFire is a member of JTF Awesome. Connect with them on Instagram, @surefire_llc, or follow them on Facebook, /SureFire/. Check out other episodes of Field Notes below.
The Field Notes series has featured Travis Haley, Barry Dueck, Scott Reitz, and many other Subject Matter Experts.

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