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The Stone Mountain Machine Gun Shoot

Machine guns, silencers, friends, and a whole lot of mud–what more can you ask for? Read and watch about the Stone Mountain Machine Gun Shoot below. Mad Duo

The Stone Mountain Machine Gun Shoot

Baraka James
The Stone Mountain Machine Gun shoot is the culmination of collaboration between The Shooters Gauntlet and the Firearms Industry Consulting Group. The Machine Gun shoot took place the last weekend in May in Pennsylvania.

We stayed at Best Western Plus Towanda Inn located in a neighboring town 30 minutes away from the event in Towanda PA. As we pulled up to the Hotel it was evident that they were eager to receive it’s out of town guests. I spoke with the staff and met a woman named GeeGee who along with her husband own the hotel. As we checked in I found out that apparently the hotel was fully booked by participants and attendees from the shoot. GeeGee was very excited to have us all there and told me that basically the whole town was planning on attending. They had a flier and business cards on a table near the front desk. The hotel was very clean and very nice, I will stay there again next year since this will be an annual event.

Saturday morning after breakfast we headed out around 8:30am. Upon arriving at the event the line was already formed. Though we were on time and the early gathering of attendees was proof of how much buzz the event had generated. The line was well over 100 people and growing as we began to approach the check in area.

Once checked in we were informed that up the hill was the Silencer Shooting Area and if we headed back a few thousand yards of where we originally lined up we could find the Machine Gun Shooting Area. We opted to head up the hill and descend later after lunch.
As we ventured up the steep mountain we arrived at a level area that had several vendors, a food & beverage vendor under a white tent and an eating are with picnic tables. Just above was the next area where there were more vendors and where we located the Silencer Shooting Area.

When we arrived at the Silencer Shooting Area we walked around and I noted a quite a few vendors including:
SMC Firearms
Alpha Dog Silencers
Yankee Hill Machine
Liberty Suppressors
Dead Air Silencers

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The Vendor Area adjacent to the Silencer Shooting Area there was:

JTF Awesome Team Member B5 Systems
Patriot Patch Company
Firearms Radio Network
Ted’s Armory
Sheaffer Precision Gunworks
Otis Technology
The Backyard Bunker LLC
Dennis A. Todd
2A Armament
Kinetic Development Group
Tactical AR500 Targets
NJ Concealment Furniture
Legion Arms
Sarco Inc
Dewey Rods

Machine Gun Shooting Area
Rockwell Tactical Group
Lancer Systems
USA Chemical Supply
Tactical Shooting Sports

Registration Area

Personal Protection Institute
PA Oath Keepers



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About the Authorbaraka
Baraka Ulrich James is the Founder/Chairman of MASF – Modern American Shooting & Firearms, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit education organization. He’s been putting rounds downrange for more than 25 years and has 17 years of physical security experience from body-guarding to bouncing/club/event security. Additionally he’s a martial artist (Kumdo, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai), NRA Instructor/RSO and Life member. When he’s not writing or in the gym he’s thinking of new and interesting ways to cut sleeves off of t-shirts. Follow him on Instagram (@baraka_u_james)

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