New SCAR Magazines Coming Soon from Molon Labe

Written by Swingin' Dick on 15 November, 2012.

Molon Labe Industries, a Tampa Bay area company, will soon be releasing a new polymer SCAR magazine.

Cue raucous (grunts: raucous) celebrating and pelvic thrusts from SCAR lovers.

The magazines will fit all models of the SCAR 17 (SCAR Heavy/7.62) and will be available initially in 20-round capacity. The run will eventually expand to 10-round and 25-round magazines, and all will be available in black, tan, OD and a darker brown variation. The magazines are made of a proprietary material that has involves some new technology that Molon Labe describes as including “IR cloaking properties”. This material will eventually be used for upcoming handgrips and other accessories MLI is working on now.

If all goes well, the new magazines will be available in about 30 days. The first set of magazines consists of four parts; the first mold should be finished up tomorrow (Friday) and production is set to being next week. The next three parts will be manufactured in sequence in short order so hopefully you’ll be able to order yourself some new SCAR magazines for Christmas.

We talked with MLI’s Chris Gleason, who advised, “I can’t say why there is such limited supply of SCAR mags. The thing with FN is, some of the mags are made overseas and some of those factories have been on strike. As far as why they’re not taking care of their customer, I don’t know. I can’t really speculate to that…but when there is a need in the marketplace, entrepreneurs will find a way.”

Asked to describe the new magazines in more detail, he advised, “Our magazine weighs about half of what the factory magazine ways…[it has] super low friction, and a unique anti-tilt follower.  Interestingly, and this turned out to be good for us, as we were putting together the final draft specs, absolute must-haves and whatnot, the Army put out that ban on all the non-issued magazines. At first I thought, Oh no, this is terrible, but of course what happened is everyone aired their complaints...said what they didn’t like, the problems they had. We took those things into account and addressed them our design.”

Here's some video of them running a few rounds through a prototype magazine:


Molon Labe Industries is a veteran-owned company that manufactures everything here in the US (to include the procurement of their molds). “Some companies outsource their molds,” Chris said. “As a veteran and an American I couldn’t see doing that. We found an old family run tool and die maker that was struggling, and our series of products will help reinvigorate their business.”

From the product description: The SCARmag was designed to operate in the SCAR 17, SCAR 17s, SCAR H, MK17, rifle systems.  The SCARmag is an improvement over the factory FN SCAR magazine. The SCARmag has a zero tilt, low friction follower system. So unlike the factory FN Herstal SCAR 17 magazine it does not bind. The magazine spring is made from the highest quality stainless steel spring stock. The SCARmag is made of a proprietary polymer that is virually indestructible and can withstand exposure to extreme tempratures and conditions. 

FYI, Chris is a former enlisted man who started out working on TOW and Dragon missiles, then improved his lot in life by spending his second enlistment in the elite social circles and lazy, hedonistic (grunts: hedonistic) creature comforts of the 11Bravo infantryman.

We’ll keep you apprised of developments.

Mad Duo Clear!


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