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Language Lessons: Gun Bunny

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Language Lessons: Gun Bunny

The existence of gun bunnies is a touchy but titillating topic. We like hot women. We like guns. We like hot women with guns. Oh, and we’re ardent capitalists, so we understand why gun bunnies exist. We also admire talented, proficient females who garner attention by virtue of their skill instead of their cleavage. Because we’re realists, we understand the two will never be mutually exclusive.

And that’s why we often get tired of firearms industry gun bunny drama.*

Interestingly, many people remain unfamiliar with the term — which brings us to today’s Language Lesson: Gun Bunny

If you’re one of those who weary of the drama and outrage, we would like to suggest the website It’s a superb resource and ridiculously good place to visit several times a day. Also, if you were wondering (and even if you weren’t), it was female contributors who helped us with this. We thought that only appropriate. Mad Duo

*Not all of us, of course; remember, Jane is an ignorant slut

Gun Bunny

Term: Gun Bunny

Application(s) of Use: To get free shit (think attention, gear, and money)

Related to: Brand Ambassador, Sponsored Shooter, Promo Modeling

Category: Industry Vernacular

Definition: The label Gun Bunny is used as an insult in the firearms community. The current meaning is “women who are usually attractive, posing with guns for attention and/or monetary gain.” The original term was slang for Artilleryman.

Into the Weeds: We’ve been known to put T&A on this site, but it’s not a necessity (and hasn’t been for a couple years now). Gun bunnies, on the other hand,  are like the cheerleaders of the firearms industry. Every industry has them: hot chicks who pose with industry goods because, well, sex sells.

One aspect of an industry as small as the firearms community is that it is extraordinarily interconnected. When someone feels the need to police everyone else and share their opinions via social media — then damn near everyone sees it. This can be a Good Thing or a Bad Thing, and it always happens fast. Professionals (rightly) expect a certain level of proficiency when you’re toting around a gun. Hold it wrong, and you’ll be called out and incessantly patronized for being a gun bunny.

What adds fuel to the fire is when a tried and true gun bunny doesn’t own the fact that she’s a gun bunny, and instead defends herself as someone who knows what they’re doing. Annnnd, then we have the White Knights who keyboard defend the gun bunnies to no end.

In less than stark contrast to the blatant gun bunnies with jiggly bits and rifles, we have women who’ve been called gun-bunnies because they too happily display their jiggly bits, but they can actually shoot — or at least they’re making the effort to learn, or they’re competing, and above all else hitting the range more than you are.

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Gun Bunnies aren’t the problem, it’s lying and misrepresentation that’s a problem. If you’re not proficient with a gun but want to stand there looking cute with it — go for it. Just don’t claim to be a professional shooter. Holding a weapon you are unable to use is false advertising; posting videos of range drills wherein you’re dressed inappropriately is disingenuous and stupid. It devalues what others have worked very hard for, and that is why some of them get up in arms when they find out a “gun bunny” has gotten received attention or consideration from from companies or organizations.

Gun Bunny Rehab: There are a few options if you’ve been called a gun bunny and it hurt your feelings…

  1. Completely own it. If you’re hawt, have access to firearms, and can make mad dinero posing with them, do it. Milk it til that heifer runs dry; who are we to judge how you make your living? We’re a little envious we can’t do it.
  2. Get proficient; be more than just a pretty face. Take classes, graduate from gun bunny to trained shooter. Get out there and fire the guns you pose with, shoot them well, and show the results. Drop the “fake it til you make it” act, and just make it. There are plenty of hot women in the firearms industry who can run a gun and don’t rely on their looks to get by.
  3. Disappear. If you can’t handle the mean words but don’t want to actively improve your skills, just ghost the industry and play your game elsewhere. You can use your assets in various other settings, which surely can’t all be as disheartening as the firearms industry.

How to spot a gun bunny. (Note: not all of these apply).

  • Large social media following
  • Uses guns as an accessory
  • Can range anywhere from a 4 to a 10 (most usually fuckable on the fuckable scale). Gun-guy-goggles are a real thing, like beer goggles
  • Usually has large, perky boobs
  • Occasionally does not have big boobs but rather is appallingly flexible 
  • Posts numerous selfies
  • Doesn’t show herself actually shooting guns, and if she does, her weapons manipulation is all eff’d up
  • Has long hair, but shoots with hair down
  • Doesn’t publicly show or say that she has a significant other, this keeps the White Knights thinking there’s a chance for them
  • Might tag photos with #notagunbunny to prove they’re legit
  • Makes no attempt to hone skills or improve proficiency. 

That about sums it up… The term gun bunny is meant to be condescending, but if you’re a gun bunny who owns it — then rock on.

On an entirely different note, in no way related to the fact that we’re discussing a topic sure to drag lots of readers in, did we mention we have an online store? Yeah, it’s at You know, if you wanted to check it out and buy something. Or if you’re a gun bunny and want to help us sell stuff.  

Some social media accounts are unabashed and unashamed of the way they do things. Check this out.

This guy, MadBad Voodoo, has chicks in panties shooting the SAME Colt AR over and over again. Same gun, different girl. There’s some weird shit going on in this youtube channel, but this is the very definition of video gun bunny. Seems like a win-win situation though, from a capitalism perspective. Hopefully the women are getting paid and the guy is making money on the backend.

*snicker* the back end


Question for the crowd: How do you feel about gun bunnies?

Second question for the crowd: Given our definition above — if she can shoot, is she a gun bunny? Because, frankly, there are some smokin’ girls out there on Instagram that can outshoot you (at least on a one-way flat range). Some of them are military or LEOs, too. Are they gun bunnies?

Third question for the (male) crowd: Would you waggle that trouser trout or wear a banana hammock for custom blasters and the latest NODs? Would you pose shirtless, flex your arms and show off those abs (if you have any) for a year’s supply of ammo and a new silencer? (Asking for a friend.)

Let the chaos and debate begin! Check back later for some specific examples of what we’re discussing.

We’re continuing the conversation on Gun Bunny Blues.

We used a screenshot of the wonderful, Leah Castillo, from her satire video above. She can also be found on IG: @thetacticalunicorn

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  1. 1) No problem with them. I ride: ever seen the umbrella girls at a motorcycle race?
    2) I’ll let the women define themselves.
    3) Hell, yeah. Well, not now–nobody wants to see a graying, four-eyed, fat, 52-year-old biker, with a leg that’s half scar tissue, modeling anything. If I still looked like I did at 22, I’d waggle anything you asked me to for gear & ammo. For that matter, I’d do it for the hell of it, after a few drinks. I know that, ’cause I did!

  2. 1) too manly to actually “Feel” things.
    2) if someone can shoot, not gun bunny. just better looking shooter.
    3) Yes, definitely, then I wouldn’t have to work for a living, or would have to “Work IT” for a living. If you have a photographer with a strong stomach drop me a line! Just saying part werewolf with a rubber band wrapped around if you want banana hammock. Will do lots for swag!!